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In excess of century now, Ford Motor Company may be selling mass-produced automobiles in the United States and around the globe. Known among the Big Three American manufacturer, Ford has attracted millions of loyal customers with a wide range of vehicles that provide considerable value. The automaker trucks and SUVs have been especially popular. For years, Ford F-Series truck has become the best-selling vehicle in the usa.

The corporation was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. Ford wanted building a car to the masses, and that is exactly what he did. Ford expanded in the luxury-car market with its acquisition of Lincoln Motor Company in 1925. Ford rode a wave of popularity inside the 1990s, as well as for awhile Ford even taking General Motors spot because No. 1 automaker on the globe.

The new millennium initially saw a downturn for Ford. Increased competition, a continuing operating loss, legacy costs as well as a addiction to SUV for profit took their toll. However nowadays, models such as the 2018 Ford Expedition have allowed Ford to regain its wellness standing like a very competitive manufacturer.

2018 ford expedition near charlotte nc
ford expedition near charlotte nc

fordexpedition18 exterior1
2018 ford expedition denver co

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2018 ford expedition suv 3rd row seating for 8 passengers

photo gallery
all new 2018 ford expedition adopts aluminum and drops 300 pounds

$84,000 For A Ford? 2018 Ford Expedition PLATINUM Review I 400HP 2nd Gen Ecoboost V6

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